EuroDan Poultry Forum


EuroDan Poultry Forum was founded on 27th of April 2012 by a group of poultry producers and companies in Denmark and other EU countries. The organisation wants to work in Denmark and in other EU countries on basis of EU legislation without regard to specific national or special EU legislation.


EuroDan Poultry Forum has completely or partly different political wishes about the framework conditions in relation to the companies represented by Danish Poultry Meat Association. This is why it is considered necessary to establish this body i.e. to ensure that divergence in political wishes and needs in relation to the Danish Poultry Meat Association are collected and disseminated to the proper authorities in Denmark and other EU countries.


EuroDan Poultry Forum will ensure that the interests of fair competition and trade within the EU area should apply EU legislation for the production, processing and the sale of poultry meat.


EuroDan Poultry Forum has the opinion that it should be acceptable and legal to arrange special contracts between companies who wish to produce and trade based on special levels according to quality and food safety and EuroDan Poultry Forum finds it acceptable if EU countries on a national level support such an arrangement.


EuroDan Poultry Forum does not intend to take over real industry professional or trade policy tasks, but wants to work as an organisation responsible for collection of problems from those parts of the Danish or EU production of poultry meat which for natural causes not have their cases dealt with in the Danish Poultry Meat Association.


EuroDan Poultry Forum will collect and pass on the wishes and needs of the catchment areas they represent and will present this to the Danish politicians and authorities, but also for the attention of politicians and authorities in other EU countries. To the extent that it may be desirable and possible to take advantage of The Danish Poultry Council, this method will be used.

Current practice is, which is administred by the Danish Poultry Council, that the portion of production which pays production levies in accordance with Danish law, even in proportional amounts can expect professional and similar assistance in solving various tasks, whether delivering or trading together with Danish or other EU companies. EuroDan Poultry Forum would therefore work closely with the Danish Poultry Council


EuroDan Poultry Forum is a non governmental organisation.


EuroDan Poultry Forum is solely intended to assist members who join this organisations mission and work. The organisation is non commercial and implements its work based on contributions from members.


Companies and individuals within the EU, joining EuroDan Poultry Forum and accepting its objectives and work may be admitted as members. Members who are consciously working against the organisation can be excluded by EuroDan Poultry Forums leadership.


EuroDan Poultry Forum is managed by an interim leadership that will be transferred to a democratically elected leadership by the end of 2012 at the latest.

EuroDan Poultry Forum can from 15th of May 2012 be contacted on email: